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Writing a doctoral thesis is, as it were, the “freestyle” of any academic, and to a certain extent the “climax” in the life of a serious academic; but possibly also the starting point for a successful career, whether in the private sector or in the so-called liberal professions as a reference, or as a researcher or lecturer in university teaching. Special importance is attached to the development of a central research question, which should be dealt with in the doctoral thesis. Are all topics and lateral strands of the scientific discourse recorded? Is the current state of research in science and teaching adequately taken into account in the doctoral thesis? Or are selective overlaps with doctoral theses of other authors? In addition, there are “unwritten” rules on how to create a doctoral thesis, ie the content-related presentation and thematic preparation of the substance-related procedures. A good doctoral thesis is characterized above all by a clear and logically consistent conception and by accurate formulations. In many disciplines, whose specialist literature is mostly written in English, a development can be observed in that the authors often lack the ability to express themselves accurately and precisely in their own native language, generally German. Here too, the website offers help by carefully remedying any deficiencies in the preliminary drafts you have prepared for your doctoral thesis and by suggesting alternative formulations that suit your individual writing style.

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In addition to these more content-related aspects, the consideration of formal guidelines or specifications also plays a special role in the preparation of a doctoral thesis. This is not an end in itself; On the contrary, adhering to the formalities to be followed down to the last detail serves to increase the intelligibility of your thought-leadership also through visual design of the text of your doctoral thesis. By taking all these aspects into account, you will achieve significant added value that sets your dissertation apart in terms of both content and form from the theses of your academic competitors. Her doctoral thesis can prove to be a major milestone in her academic life. In any case, we can help you to make your doctoral thesis an exceptional scientific masterpiece!