Fruit Fiesta Slot Machine

Casino Game Preview: Fruit Bonanza

Play’n GO’s Fruit Bonanza slot is a throwback to simpler times, with classic graphics and a fruit-based theme. This five-reel, nine-payline game is worth considering since it offers four progressive jackpots.

Detailed Information Regarding the Slot Machine Game “Fruit Bonanza”

While the Fruit Bonanza slot machine may be lacking in modern visual effects, it does an excellent job of evoking the classic fruit machine feel. For instance, consider the reels. Each one tapers down toward the top, making you feel like you’re facing a bandit straight out of the ’80s. The reels’ click-clunks at the end are particularly reminiscent of the era in which they were made. The time-travel impression is flawlessly completed with a classic green backdrop (maybe meant to evoke an avocado bathroom from the 1980s). The only real downside is the rather annoying plinky-plonky soundtrack, which is only heard when the reels are really spinning.

Slot Machine Guide: Fruit Bonanza

The Fruit Bonanza slot machine is not as difficult to learn as you would think. Each coin is worth exactly 10 cents, and both the coin count and the number of active paylines are up to the player. The “max bet” button activates all nine lines at the maximum wager of five coins. If you’re bored with constantly pressing the spin button, you can activate up to 50 spins automatically. Payouts occur from left to right and are based on the outcome of each line’s bet. The scatter symbol, however, pays regardless of the direction it appears and is doubled by the entire wager.

Slot Machine Symbols, Features, and Bonus Games in Fruit Bonanza

The Fruit Bonanza slot machine uses just classic symbols. Yes, that includes the cherished sevens, bells, horseshoes, and four-leaf clovers, as well as the more common pineapples, strawberries, oranges, and cherries. The extra jackpot avatar is a lavish cornucopia of fruit overflowing out of a gigantic shell, and the scatter is a zany Trivial Pursuit mashup (another intentional ’80s allusion, perhaps?). Fruit Bonanza does not have any sort of wild symbols or bonus rounds. Nonetheless, four progressive jackpots are available.

The Growing Pot of Fruit Bonanza

The totals of four different progressive jackpots are shown above the reels. These are, by order of increasing value:

Three cornucopias on a payline equals the fruit jackpot.

Juice Jackpot = 4 Cornucopias on a Line

Getting five cornucopias on any active payline is the key to winning the bonanza.

Five cornucopias on the ninth payline equals the Super Jackpot.

Keep in mind that in order to be eligible for any of the jackpots, you must wager the maximum number of coins (5 per line). Reduce the size of your bet and the size of your fixed prize. The classic feel and high jackpot prizes of Fruit Bonanza make it a compelling choice. The lack of breakout bonuses and additional wilds is a major drawback, though. Though entertaining, it may not be the “freshest fruit” for certain gamers.

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