Top Boxing Betting Sites in the UK for 2023 Available in the UK

Are you prepared to place some boxing wagers? Check out this detailed tutorial and receive a free bet from one of the top boxing betting sites in the United Kingdom.

Where to Bet Online on Boxing


Bettors have enjoyed the sport of boxing for generations. A few years ago, the only way to wager on the sweet science was to physically visit a bookie and write down your picks on paper.


The shift of boxing betting into the 21st century has been as seamless as a Tyson Fury pivot. Modern betting sites have made it easy to bet on a mobile device or desktop from anywhere in the world, letting you to participate in the excitement even if you’re on the other side of the planet.


Because to the plethora of online bookmakers now available to players, our boxing betting experts have conducted in-depth reviews of online bookmakers to identify the best from the others.


This page highlights our preferred licensed boxing betting sites, which offer the greatest boxing odds, features, and promotions online.

Concentrate on the Top Boxing Betting Websites in the UK


When joining up for a boxing betting website, you should be aware of what to expect. In light of this, let’s examine some of the best online boxing betting sites to see what each one has to offer.

888sport has developed into one of the most recognizable names in online gaming and features a robust boxing betting section.



The boxing betting odds are among the best in the industry, and price hikes may be acquired on a regular basis for significant fights.


This bookmaker’s sign-up offer is always loaded with free bets, which are also featured as part of ongoing promotions. Moreover, the app is arguably the best in the industry.


In addition to boxing news, analysis, and betting advice, the 888sport blog is a valuable resource for punters.


As this site continues to grow, we’d like to see customer service reply a bit more quickly, despite the fact that you’re unlikely to have any problems while betting here. Also, we would like the PC version to be as user-friendly as its mobile counterpart.


888sport Boxing Advantages and Disadvantages Advantages

Improved boxing chances

User-friendly boxing betting app

As part of the “Acca Club” promotion, boxing wagers are provided at no charge.


Desktop version could be improved

Customer service could respond more quickly.

BetVictor is a well-established bookmaker that was started in 1946 by William Chandler in the United Kingdom. Boxing is one of the most popular sports to bet on at the site, which offers a wide variety of sports.



The BetVictor welcome offer is popular because it only requires a little qualifying play to receive a substantial number of free bets in return. Existing customers are also regularly offered free wagers on a weekly basis.


The in-play betting section separates out from the competition since there is never a delay while placing a wager, allowing you to immediately tap and take advantage of the odds during a boxing match.


But, no website is perfect, and we would like to see rapid cash withdrawals added to BetVictor’s service to compliment their amazing selection of payment options.


Additional boxing-specific promotions may be launched in the future, though we are pleased to note that the current free bet promos at BV are relevant to boxing.


BetVictor’s Boxing Pros and Disadvantages

Free wagers on boxing for new and existing clients

Excellent live boxing betting service

Established and reputable bookmaker


Withdrawal times may be reduced

Additional boxing-specific advertisements may be added.

William Hill is another well-known brand that is ranked among the top boxing betting sites in the globe.



All of the most recent boxing betting odds are available on both the website and the mobile app, with the larger fights offering an abundance of markets, the majority of which have a cash out option.


In addition, UK punters have access to the famous ‘Future #YourOdds’ section, which features a large list of specific boxing wagers requested by punters and encompassing WBA, WBO, WBC, and IBF world title matches.


Moving on to promotions, William Hill has some excellent boxing-related promotions. Clients can choose from a variety of accumulator promotions, including odds enhancement and insurance against a lost leg. Unique is the fact that you may virtually customize your own promotion.


Notably, if you are signing up for boxing betting, the William Hill sign-up offer cannot be claimed with a PayPal deposit; therefore, you need fill your account with a debit card or another e-wallet.


William Hill Boxing Advantages and Disadvantages Advantages

Pick of boxing acca promotions #YourOdds boxing promotions in the future

Strong market coverage in boxing


Cannot redeem welcome offer using PayPal

The homepage might use some cleaning up.

Boxing Bet Strategy – Three Important Boxing Bet Tips


Formulating a boxing betting plan is essential for gambling success. Included below are some of our best recommendations for formulating a general strategy that may be applied to several battles.


Recognize Battle Context

The attitude of a boxer is crucial for a bettor to comprehend, as it has a significant impact on their strategy prior to a bout. You cannot expect them to be dedicated to rigorous training and conditioning if they are only there to get a large salary, win or lose.


On the other hand, if the fighter is an up-and-coming star eager to rise to the next level in his or her career, you can anticipate that he or she would train and prepare appropriately.


When the warriors enter the squared circle, it will pay off to have conducted research on the various types of personalities they possess.


Little Details Matter

Understanding the finer points is essential, especially when combatants have comparable skill levels and experience.


One tip we must emphasize is to be aware of reach advantage. In most circumstances, a boxer with a longer reach can hold their opponent at a greater distance, land more punches, and yield fewer blows if they use it effectively.


Always remember that every combatant, regardless of how good or awful, has strengths and flaws. Examine combatants in detail and, while hunting for value, look for occasions in which an underdog has an advantage over a favorite that could be exploited.


Favor Southpaw Combatants

Finally, if there is no clear distinction between two boxers in your mind, bet on the southpaw!


According to a study from the University of Manchester, southpaw boxers are more successful than their orthodox counterparts. Although just 12.6% of the total male population is left-handed, 17.3% of male boxers are left-handed, which is a greater proportion than you might assume. Considerable food for thought!


Professional versus amateur boxing wagering

Professional boxing bouts are typically far longer than amateur bouts, with male title bouts typically lasting 12 rounds and female title bouts lasting up to 10 rounds in recent years.


Professional bouts do not permit headgear, and boxers are typically permitted to sustain a great deal more harm before a fight is stopped. The referee has the ability to stop the fight at any time if he determines that an injured participant is unable to defend oneself.


In such a case, the opponent is awarded a technical knockout (TKO) victory. If a fighter hits an opponent with a blow that causes a cut and the opponent is deemed unfit to continue owing to the cut, a TKO is also awarded. Unlike amateur boxers, professional male boxers compete without chest protection.


There are 17 weight classes and four major belts for each division in professional boxing: the WBA (World Boxing Association), IBF (International Boxing Federation), WBO (World Boxing Organisation), and WBC (World Boxing Council) belts.


Bets placed on amateur boxing

Boxing tournaments at the amateur level include the Olympic Games, Asian Games, European Championships, Commonwealth Games, and a number of other national and international events.


In these encounters, points are awarded based on the amount of clean hits scored. Each blow to the head or upper body that lands cleanly and with substantial force awards one point.


Fights between male amateur boxers typically consist of three three-minute rounds separated by one-minute break periods. Women’s amateur bouts consist of four rounds of two minutes each.


In opposed to professional boxing, amateurs wear protective headgear and full, typically blue vests.


The officials will stop the fight if a boxer suffers a severe injury, if one combatant significantly outclasses the other, or if the count is overly uneven. RSC refers to amateur battles that conclude in this manner (referee stopped contest).


Top Boxing Betting Payment Options Online

It is futile to build the world’s best online bookmaker if customers can only deposit funds via difficult methods. The most common means of payment include:


As with any other online transaction, you can use your debit card at the majority of the biggest betting sites. All of our recommended boxing betting sites accept debit card bets and withdrawals, making deposits and withdrawals easy.

E-Wallets: Although competing e-wallets are gaining popularity in online betting, PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill continue to dominate in terms of accessibility and usability. They are typically free of deposit costs and are one of the most popular payment methods. Keep in mind that some welcome bonuses are inaccessible if your initial deposit is made via an e-wallet such as PayPal or Skrill.

The Paysafecard (Deposits Only) is a form of prepaid card. A Paysafecard PIN can be obtained in-store or online, and a number of online casinos allow it as a deposit method. Paysafecard deposits are quick, straightforward, and private, but withdrawals require a different payment method.

Although bitcoin has not yet fully penetrated the online betting industry, some bookmakers have already begun introducing cryptocurrency payment options to their consumers.

Top Boxing Betting Sites in the United Kingdom –’s Conclusion covers a wide variety of sports, including the latest betting news, strategy tips, and the best bookmakers for each sport. Certain sports lend themselves to gambling better than others, and boxing is unquestionably one of the greatest.


If you’ve ever had a stake in a fight, you’ll understand what we mean when we say that betting on boxing is fascinating. There is value in boxing odds due to the fact that fights may alter in an instant and underdogs can pull off upsets with one powerful punch.


Because the online sports betting scene in the United Kingdom has become so competitive, the finest boxing betting companies must offer incentives, promotions, and unique features to stand out.


Whether you’re new to boxing betting or just want to try a different site, visit one of our recommended sites to earn a welcome offer that includes free bets.

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